Sometimes you reach a cross roads or an impass in life where you are stuck either in your career, relationship, with teenagers or with life in general and you simply don’t know which way to go. Your friends might give yoy advice but it just doesn’t seem to sit right with you. Sometimes you have a thought that even though this life may be good, it’s not quite the life you want yet you don’t quite know what you do want. Sometimes you are inspired to change everything but dont know how or where to start. If that’s the case, if life is in charge of you and not you in charge of life, that’s where coaching comes in. I’m here to help you find and live the life you trully wish for. Contact: Anne Jackson.

Contact no:
050 518 6821
Jumeira Village Circle

It provides strategic public relations and marketing communications services on a freelance basis. Her areas of specialization include strategic public relations and marketing communications, media relations, brand management, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility programs.

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050 553-4231
Palmera 4

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