Arabian Ranches Education Fair 2014

I am very proud to announce the first big event organized by Business Women of Arabian Ranches in collaboration with Strawberry Events: Arabian Ranches Education Fair, on the 17th of March.

When we come in Dubai and settled in the Ranches it was almost nothing for my newly born daughter to go with. Now, there is plenty to choose from. Also more residential units were released and now occupied. More neighbours came and therefore more

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Business Events for International Women’s Day

On the 8th of March we celebrate International Women’s Day. There are many way of celebrating but we propose to you two events that combine business and fun.

international-womens-day-2014On the 6th of March, from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm, at Melia Hotel Dubai,

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Long story short: my networking experience

decided to write this post after I read “Network Better Without Business Cards”, where the lady says that she is more successful in networking if she doesn’t give away business cards but ask for the emails addresses and send an email a few days later to the interested parties (I call it “follow up”). This way she target only people really interested in what she has.

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Dubai Christmas Festival – under 1% shoppers

When I first heard of Dubai Christmas Festival like two years ago, I thought that must be something amazing and worth going. Meanwhile, I found out that there was nothing Christmassy about it and nothing really special. Running a children retail business, I came across it again this summer, with a proposal to be a vendor there.

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Summer Markets

Who doesn’t know about the Ripe Market at Courtyard, in Al Quoz, every Saturday? I am sure that there are not so many. Going to Ripe Market is like a Saturday ritual for those who are looking to buy fresh seasonal local fruits and vegetables. And the market organizers

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Follow-up just for the sake of it?

Almost two weeks ago, I attended The Business Factory, a fabulous event organized by Heels&Deals in Dubai. A lot of people were there, from business owners to simple employees looking for partners, opportunities or just new customers.

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Glutenfree Afternoon Tea at The Address, Dubai Marina

I had not experienced afternoon tea before (even if I lived in England for a year as a student). I knew it was something traditional, that families gather at 4 o’clock to have tea and cake. I have always thought that tea-time treats consisted of something small

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Mumzworld at Dubai Mums Coffee Morning

It has been a while since I wrote last time about what’s going on at Dubai Mums Coffee Morning. For those that haven’t heard about it yet, it is a very friendly, informal coffee morning, held every second Wednesday, at Polo Club, starting 9.30 am.

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